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139. After that dragon “attack” on Berk while Dagur was visiting and Hiccup “saved” him, Dagur’s always had a small man-crush on Hiccup.



maybe a little more than small

this has just turned out to be canon

The mod, although not a shipper of said pair, must admit that this has become canon.
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144. Bucket is actually the twins’ father- Tuffnut Sr. Originally one of Berk’s fiercest warriors, he and their mother- a member of the Berserker Tribe- fell in love and married. After the accident that left him docile, their mother “divorced” him and sent word back home that he died, so to spare her family the shame. She still loves him and stayed on Berk with the twins to keep an eye on Bucket. Although he does not remember he is a father, Bucket does feel a bond towards the twins.

143. Ruffnut and Tuffnut are half-Berserker on their mother’s side, who moved to Berk after marrying their father- a member of the Hairy Hooligan tribe- during the annual signing of the peace treaty. The twins, however, have never visited their mother’s homeland, but receive gifts from their maternal grandmother ever year— baby swords/axes/knives, warm helmet linings, skrill-tooth necklaces, hair product to help braids defy gravity, a well-groomed stuffed yak… you know. The usual.

142. Gustav’s mother never REALLY intended on absolute slavery for Gustav. She knows that the Jorgenson’s are a powerful family and being associated with them, even if it was by debt, could help Gustav’s standing. It also helps that Gustav would be kept in the same village and be treated with at least a little decency, given Snotlout not being TOO horrible.

141. Often, when he was younger, Hiccup would come to Gobber and just vent; Gobber, while still a true viking through-and-through, is a lot less judgemental and more compassionate than most other vikings. He would just sit there silently while Hiccup told him about his day. It was part of the reason why Gobber suggested he go into dragon training.

140. One time, Hiccup and Stoick got into a particularly bad fight. It ended with Hiccup saying “Gobber has been more of a father to me than you ever have!” leaving the house, slamming the door on the way out with enough force to shake the dust from the walls, and disappearing into the forest for a good 5 hours.

princess-hiccup said: you name makes me think of viking helmets with mini pirate cannons on them owo



oneill5491 said: Not sure if there has already been a helmetcanon for this, but what does Astrid carry in her waist pouch/purse?

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139. After that dragon “attack” on Berk while Dagur was visiting and Hiccup “saved” him, Dagur’s always had a small man-crush on Hiccup.

maybe a little more than small